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What is a Childminder?


There have been alot of misconceptions as to what a childminder actually is?  Do they have to be registered?  How many children can they care for?  Hopefully the following information will help to clarify this.




      Registered childminders look after children along with other children, usually in their own home.

        They are allowed to care for up to six children under the age of eight, including their own – but no more than three of them can be aged under five.

        Childminders are Self-employed, they decide what hours they work. Most are willing to be flexible working early morning, evenings and weekends, as well as part time.

        All childminders are required to have completed a basic training course, including first aid, and most go on to do further training and professional development.

        Your child should experience learning and development activities suitable for their age which are based on the Birth to Three Matters Framework and the Foundation Stage.

        Anyone looking after a child under eight years, for more than two hours a day must register with OFSTED.  If they care for them in thier own home they must register as a childminder.



All childminders are inspected regularly by OFSTED, who inspect the quality of care offered by the childcare provider.  OFSTED give the childminder a grading either: Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory or Inadequate.  This grading is given as appropriate by the OFSTED inspector when seeing how the provider meets a number of criteara set out by law.  All childminders should have thier OFSTED report available to show prospective parents.  These reports are also available online at the OFSTED website when you know the providers registration number.
For more information about the inspection process childminders go through click here for the OFSTED website

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